Tulasāra Organic Skincare


Tulasāra Organic Skincare




Brand Identity
Print Collateral
Label Design
Packaging Design
Product Photography

Tulasāra Organic Skincare is a conceptual project we created to showcase our skill and aptitude for working with skincare brands. While we have worked with a number of skincare companies in the past, many of them have required us to sign NDA’s which has resulted in not being able to showcase the work in our portfolio or on social media. And so naturally, we decided to help bridge the gap and so Tulasāra was born. We designed all the branding, print collateral and composed a full product photoshoot.

The word tulasāra means moving towards balance in Sanskrit. When we were researching names and what to call this project, we were immediately drawn back to when Aveda launched their tulasāra skincare line and how moved and inspired we were by the meaning. We love working with brands who have a story, that are natural and ethically source their ingredients and care about the world they live in. We packaged all our ideal client ethos with our own in a brand we’re incredibly proud to finally show you.

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